Global Electric Transportation Corridor Will Unite the World. When we place unity above all else, all else will fall into place, and the inventiveness of man shall be consecrated to his life.
The Trans-Earth Skyway System
Your Defense Dollars at Work for a New World
Project: The Trans-Earth Skyway System
Global Electric Transportation Corridor
For: The People of All Nations of the World
Subsystems: 1. The Electric Superhighway
2. Sustainable Energy Grid
3. Trans-Earth Aqueduct
Connecting: Africa, Europe, Asia, North & South America, and Australia
Start: 2012AD - Phase One - [Pending the Treaty of Summit Bridge]
Completion: 2053-2060 of Main Arterial Skyways and Bridges
Funded by: The Defense Budgets of All Participating Nations
Cost: TBD

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The Trans Earth Skyway System
Electric Superhighway Sustainable Energy Grid Trans Earth Aqueduct
Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia









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