People of All Nations of the World:

Welcome to the Reunion of Mankind, the Global Movement to end all war and terror on Earth, by construction of Summit Bridge and the Trans-Earth Skyway System.

You are hereby invited to vote for the construction of a singular defense system for all nations of the world, a different kind of defense system, a defense system designed not to kill people, but to end war.

The Trans-Earth Skyway System will contain no weaponry and no fortifications of war.
It will simply end all war and terror on Earth by systematically eliminating all the underlying causes...

Construction of the Trans-Earth Skyway System will:

Open all borders to the highest level of co-operation and good will possible.
Literally employ the world in peaceful enterprise for generations.
Improve the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth.
Demonstrate that nothing is impossible for the united human race.

Primary funding for the construction of the Trans-Earth Skyway System would be derived from the defense budgets of all participating nations.

Voter Instructions:

Review proposed systems, maps and blueprints.
Read the declaration.
Contemplate the future with and without the Reunion of Mankind.
If you want world affairs to remain as they are, stop here.
If you choose to help build the Trans-Earth Skyway System, subscribe your name and country to the base of the following declaration, and vote for the Reunion of Mankind.

All voter information will be kept completely confidential, and used for anonymous tabulation purposes only. Votes will be tabulated and totals posted by country.


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