Earth photo: 12,000 year reunion of mankind. Global plebiscite 2007AD
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Congratulations on your Historic Vote in the first Global Plebiscite ever initiated!

The Reunion of Mankind welcomes you as a Charter Member! Here are a few additional things you can do to help promote Construction of the Trans Earth Skyway System:

Send a link to all your internet contacts: family, friends, business associates, and anyone else you can think of, especially overseas.
Periodically check our rising Vote Totals...
Donate what you can to help deliver the Vote to all people in all nations of the world, in the comfort of their native language...
Visit our Summit Bridge company store, where fine promotional items will be offered for sale as soon as they become available.

Midnight Sentinel Poster:

Contemplation of the historic Midnight Sentinel poster, pictured below, helped inspire the evolution of, the Trans-Earth Skyway System and the Reunion of Mankind.

These original, cold war vintage posters measure 17 by 23 inches, they are already collector’s items, and will not be reprinted.

Midnight Sentinel posters are available to all charter members while supplies last, for $20 USD each, plus 4 dollars shipping and handling.

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Official Summit Bridge Ceramic Mug:

This beautiful 11oz. ceramic mug displays 2 full color images of the Midnight Sun shining down the International Date Line at the center of the Bering Strait, separating Russia and America. 

The left side features the Russian description and the right side describes the scene in English.

See the one place under the sun where Space and Time literally come together on Planet Earth!
Contemplate the Eastern Hemisphere, the Western Hemisphere, Yesterday and Tomorrow... and let us drink to the construction of the bridge to unite the world!

Purchase yours today for only $14 USD each, plus 8 dollars for first class postage and handling.

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All funds received from donations, and sales of merchandize will be used to hasten the momentum of the Reunion of Mankind.

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