Let it be Known to All Governments:

We the People of All Nations of the World
hereby propose the construction
connecting the continents
Africa, Europe, Asia, North & South America,
and Australia.


Construction of the Trans-Earth Skyway System
will provide the entire populace of the Earth with:

A Worldwide Ecological Economy: Powered by 100% Sustainable Energy: All the Solar, Wind, Tidal, Biomass, Geothermal and Hydroelectric Energy that can be developed by all nations of the world, will be harnessed to the T-E-S-S Energy Grid: More than enough to power the entire planet. No fossil fuels or nuclear power will be needed or accepted.

Full Global Employment: T-E-S-S will be the greatest public works project in history: It will create multi-millions of jobs worldwide. Demand will arise for all workers, in every field of endeavor, from highly skilled professionals to unskilled laborers. Every person willing and able to work will be guaranteed a job in their own homeland.

Stabilized Population Growth: Birth rates are known to decrease at exactly the same rate as consumption of electrical energy increases: The T-E-S-S will deliver world-class energy to the entire world, including the 2 billion people who still don’t have any electricity at all. All the world will become more affluent. Affluent people produce fewer children.
Universal Access to the Greatest Highway of the World: All freedom loving peoples will enjoy the thrilling experience of worldwide, supersonic transportation, aboard their fully automatic, Trans-Earth-Class Electric Vehicles. Just preset your destination, sit back and enjoy the greatest ride on Earth... the whole world will become your neighborhood!
A Worldwide Bridge between the Haves and the Have-nots: We the People of all Nations, working together, will liberate the vast and still untouched wealth of our natural world. This new wealth of Sustainable Energy will be shared with all peoples of the world, until every man, woman and child on Earth is assured of all the basic necessities of a decent life.
Freedom from Hunger: Everything required to irrigate and fertilize the world will be transported via the Skyway Corridor, enough water and electricity to make the deserts bloom. A global, high speed food distribution system will be developed, and the capability to rapidly relocate entire populations in distress. Elimination of hunger will receive the highest priority.
Freedom from Want: Concurrent to the construction of the skyway superstructure will be the building of a standardized global infrastructure with which to keep it going, and to distribute its benefits throughout society. Precedence will be given to the most disadvantaged areas, with the construction of new housing, hospitals, health care centers and educational facilities.
Freedom from Terror: As construction of the Electric Superhighway extends the blessings of Life, Liberty and Happiness to every man, woman and child on Earth, when “Liberty and Justice for All” means...”for All Mankind”...no nation on this planet will continue to breed terrorists, and what few that may remain, will neither have a reason to exist, nor a place to hide.
Freedom from War: T-E-S-S will be The Best Defense System for All of Humankind: A single defense system for all nations of the world, containing no weaponry, and no fortifications of war. Paid for by the defense budgets of all participating nations, the Trans-Earth Skyway System will end all war and terror on Earth, by systematically eliminating all the underlying causes.

Construction of the Trans Earth Skyway System will improve the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth, north and south, east and west, rich and poor, the haves and the have-nots.

It will literally unite the world beyond war, and positively determine the destiny of the human race entire.


Let it be known to all Governments:

We [the undersigned] People of all Nations of the World, hereby subscribe our names in support of this declaration, and Vote for the Reunion of Mankind.

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