The Trans-Earth Skyway System


The T.E.S.S. is a projected global network of elevated, Electric Transportation Corridors, containing three major subsystems:

1. The Electric Superhighway
2. Sustainable Energy Grid
3. Trans-Earth Aqueduct

Construction of the entire system will simultaneously establish a worldwide ecological economy, and literally
unite the world beyond war.

Project Highlights:

The Electric Superhighway

Ride the Trans-Earth Electric Superhighway to Africa, Europe, Asia, North and South America, and Australia!

The Electric Superhighway will be a rapid transit system for the entire planet, powered by 100% sustainable energy.

All Trans-Earth-Class Electric Vehicles will be propelled by electromagnetic levitation, through the absolutely frictionless environment of a perfect vacuum tube system. All vehicles within the system will have unlimited non-stop range and be capable of attaining terminal velocities of 5000mph/8000kmh.

All vacuum tubes and lenticular corridors will be fully transparent, providing all travelers with spectacular, supersonic panoramas of their home planet.

By night, internal skyway lighting filtered through the solar shield will proclaim electric world unity in a blue, neon-like glow, visible from space.

From Tierra del Fuego to the Cape of Good Hope, all the world will become your neighborhood, and all its peoples
will be your neighbors.

V-Tube   Designated Traffic

V1 V2

Personal Trans-Earth Class Electric Vehicles 

V3 V4

Scheduled Trans-Earth Sky Train Service

V5 V6

Personal Trans-Earth Class Electric Vehicles

V7 V8

Commercial Containerized Freight Service

Sustainable Energy Grid

Extremely high voltage power lines housed within the skyway core will encircle the continents, forming a single worldwide mega-circuit: the Trans-Earth Energy Grid. Every viable source of sustainable energy on Earth, no matter how remote, will be harnessed in sequence to the Trans-Earth grid: all the Solar, Wind, Tidal, Biomass, Geothermal and Hydroelectric power that can be developed by all nations of the world, until it carries enough sustainable energy to power the entire planet.

Just a small fraction of this clean, all natural energy will be required to energize the Electric Superhighway. The rest will be delivered to the entire global populace, including the 2 billion people on Earth who still don’t have any electric power at all.

Trans-Earth Aqueduct

Located below the skyway core, a series of high speed pipelines will form the nexus of a worldwide water
management system. This system will provide:

1. A constant flow of fresh drinking water to beleaguered peoples in all disadvantaged countries of the world.

2. Irrigation for food production.

3. Immediate high volume pumping capacity to assist flood ravaged areas in the event of natural disasters.

With the advent of rising sea levels due to global warming, this system will have the potential to redirect
glacial melt-water from inundated coastal areas to inland areas where it can do the most good.

Elevated Skyway Design

All Skyway Corridors will be raised on towers to a minimum elevation of 100 ft. above ground level. These skyway towers will picket the highly populated shorelines of the world, as our first line of defense. In the event of coastal inundation, they will provide:

1. Immediate shelter from the storm
2. High speed evacuation of the population
3. High volume flood water removal
4. Continuous world class electric service

The elevated design will also facilitate the construction process, providing general obstacle clearance, minimum
disruption of urban areas, and ease of construction over varied terrain.

Prefab Construction

All skyway sections and piers will be prefabricated at standardized factories strategically located throughout the world. This will facilitate simultaneous worldwide
assembly and allow for completion of the entire system in the minimum possible time.

Interim – Conventional Transportation

Systems research and development, followed by the location and construction of standardized prefabrication facilities will obviously require many years to complete.
While this work is progressing however, construction can take place on the conventional system of access roads and bridges required to assemble the skyway system itself.
As soon as entire sections of these international thoroughfares are completed, they will be turned over to
the public as interim-conventional transportation routes.

The Best Defense for All of Humankind

The Trans-Earth Skyway System is a Defense System, a different kind of defense system, a single defense system for all nations of the world, designed not to kill people, but to end war.

The Trans-Earth Skyway System, will contain no weaponry and no fortifications of war. It will simply end all war and terror on Earth, by systematically eliminating all the underlying causes...

Construction of the Trans-Earth Skyway System will:

1. Open all borders to the highest level of co-operation and good will possible.

2. Literally employ the world in peaceful enterprise for generations.

3. Improve the lives of every man, woman and child on Earth.

4. Demonstrate that nothing is impossible for the united human race.

Paid for by the defense budgets of all participating nations, the Trans-Earth Skyway System will be the best defense system that money can buy.

People of All Nations:

If you want to live in a better world, if you desire a brighter future for your children, if you wish to honor all those who died, that we might see a better world, a brighter future...

Let it be known to All Governments:
That you no longer wish to help finance conventional “defense” systems... Tell them that you want the Trans-Earth Skyway System...
Vote for the Reunion of Mankind.

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