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Photo of Bering Strait between Russia and USA
Global Plebiscite
People of All Nations of the World - Vote! Let it be Known to All Governments: In Order to End All War and Terror on Earth, We the People of All Nations of the World, hereby propose the construction of The Trans Earth Skyway System, connecting the continents of Africa, Europe, North & South America, and Australia.
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Headlands of East and West

Staring down the International Date Line, at two different worlds in two different days, the Midnight Sun illuminates: Sunday Morning on Big Diomede Island, Russia, and Saturday Morning on Little Diomede Island, U.S.A. Only two miles apart, these tiny islands lie midway across the 53 mile wide Bering Strait that separates the U.S. - Russian mainlands and are remnants of the ancient land bridge that once joined what is now Russia and America. This submerged span, washed out 12,000 years ago, was once the primal crossroads of the world, it conveyed all indigenous peoples to the Americas, and became an indelible link between East and West.

Welcome All Peoples, this is the Reunion of Mankind, the Global Movement to end all war and terror on Earth, by construction of Summit Bridge and the Trans-Earth Skyway System. Welcome to the Global Plebiscite for World Unity, Sustainability and Peace...

Earth photo: 12,000 year reunion of mankind. Global plebiscite 2007AD
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